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What Is Office Robot?
Our office robot is a computer system that can replicate the actions of a human being interacting with the user interface of another computer system. It operates on the computer in the same way that a human would, with abilities of making decision. When it comes to doing clerical work, Robot can be much faster than its human counterpart.
Lower Cost
Robot can create a 25-50% cost savings. Process automation enables 24/7/365 execution at a fraction of the cost of human equivalents.
Prior to automation, one BPO service provider that handled the application for processing insurance benefits employed a full-time human employee who could complete the process in an average of 12 minutes. Robots completed the process in one-third the time, tripling the transaction volume for one-tenth of the full-time employee cost. By automating this single process, the provider achieved a positive return on this investment within six months.
Higher Efficiency
Unlike humans, robots can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Typically, one robot can do the work of two to five full-time employees.
An enterprise user of an IT infrastructure improved its overall operational efficiency by cutting its mean time to resolution by 60 percent and by handling over half of its IT problems without manual intervention.
8 Successful use cases in Finance and Accounting
1. Account Payable - Accelerate the processing of invoices, saving valuable worktime, paying supplier quickly and accurately without human delay - Prevent potential cost errors - Avoid financial penalties for late / incomplete payment
2. Account Receivable - Bill customers more quickly in order, receiving payment sonner, facilitating cash flow - Maximize revenue by ensuring the accuracy of every invoice sent
3. Monthly Payroll - Achieve a significant reduction in overall delays and inaccurate submissions - Ensure full compliance, as all local rules and regulations are taken into account - Improve consistency and quality services, while driving down the total time and hard cost
4. Record to Report - Expedite the process of gathering information for financial reports - Prevent errors in the collection of financial data
5. Tax Reporting - Prevent late fee and higher cost from staff's overtime - Ensure accuracy - Achieve a streamlined process for ensuring the compliance with tax requirements
6. Travel and Expense Management - Eliminate delay in submission and approval turn-around time - Ensure accuracy, full process of compliance and regulation are take into account
7. Training New Employees - Boots your new joiners in finance and accounting department retention of new information - Reduce training new for new joiners
8. Preventing Manual Error - Preventing rule violations - Providing employees automatic feedback as they work, improving their learning curve

8 Successful use cases in Human Resources
1. Resume Screening and Candidate Shortlisting - Saving recruiters' time and effort by automating screening, qualifications and verification work - Improving the quality of hire as the perfect match promptly engaged - Allowing recruiters to spend their time on strategic meeting candicate in person
2. Offer Letter Administration - Error-free, fully compliant offer letter management for a professional and swift hiring talents
3. New Hire Set up and Onboarding - Ensuring the new employee is technically / routine equipped and empowered to get productive from day 1 on - Streamlined, orchestrated and efficient process end-to-end with 100% consistency - Professional first impression for the positive feedback on online assess platforms
4. Induction and Training - Cut more than 3 training days per employee per year and reduced related help desk - Automating all on boarding procedures
5. Time and Attendance - Significant reduction of attendance and tardiness issues as the risk or erroneous or compromised data entries is minimized - Reduction in costs and expenditures as well as capability allowing efficient planning and shift management capabilities - Ensure accuracy, full process
6. Exit Management - Automatic process parts, e.g. consolidate all leavers' input and feed to downstream systems, generate exit document, conduct exit surveys, notify right persons - A good last impression, direct and indirect your company brand
7. Employee Data Management - Significant time savings as reading, copy, sychronization of data between web application, ERP, and various backend systems automation - Team members are relieved of burdensome, repetitive tasks, and are able to get back to more pressing issues
8 Reports and Analysis of Surveys and Company Review - Significant savings as avoid manually craft and update dashboards on a regular basis - Fulfil pre-populating complex periodic reporting requirements for prescriptive and predictive HR analyses